Engineering Research white paper

You will only need to complete only the background section of this white paper (based on the outline provided). Please include scholarly citations.

Overview and Deliverables: For this assignment, your team will write collaboratively to produce a “white paper”:

  • Identify a contemporary engineering problem. Research the topic, and write a report that introduces the problem, provides a detailed account of ethical issues surrounding the problem, and makes recommendations based on the research and ethical analysis.
  • Background – In 2 to 3 pages, review and synthesize the research. Provide any necessary historical perspective. Use in-text citations where needed following IEEE format. Either in this section or the discussion section, use 2 to 4 figures and/or tables to support your content development. These figures and tables should have a referent (Fig. 4, Tab. 3, etc.) and a caption and do not count toward the total word count of the report.

Audience: college engineering students


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