Criminal Sentencing models and goals

As discussed in chapter 3 there are many different sentencing models and just as many goals for imposing various sentences.

Below are two scenarios.

What type of sentencing model would you use to sentence the offenders?

What actual sentence would you impose (type and time)?

What are the goals of sentencing that are associated with your decision?

Please discuss both scenarios.

Do not use current sentencing strategies to determine your sentence.  I want all students to discuss what they believe is appropriate.

Scenario #1

Sam Smith was convicted of a robbery of Wells Fargo Bank on 125th Street in North Miami. During his robbery he possessed and displayed a firearm but did not fire the gun. He took $100,000.00 from the bank. No one was injured as a result of the robbery. He has accepted responsibility for his actions. He has no previous criminal history.

Scenario #2

Maria Hernandez was convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor. She basically prostituted her 11 year old niece of whom she was the legal guardian. Maria made her niece have sexual relations with hundreds of men in the Homestead area. Maria has not accepted responsibility and she does not believe that she did anything wrong. Maria does not have a criminal history.

Post/Reply Requirements

Make sure you use proper grammar and cite any resources utilized.

400 words minimum.


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