Cultural behavior

A 500-word essay discussing how the economic expression of a country determines the cultural behavior of its people.

I have a doc that about those topic, you just need to expand those to become a 500 words essay and include the intro and all everything that in the file.

Essay should focus on Yulian ( Destiny ) and JiaJia (
Finding Mr Right / )  as the primary characters of these two movies. You may also include the essay on baijunu, if you wish to.

You should use the postings you had written for the quizzes of these reading and movies, and combine that with Marxist Historiography and Chinese History. You have to refer to all these sources when you write your essay to show how they impact the way you understand the traditional and modern Chinese cultural expressions.

Have an introduction that discusses how we think about culture and how looking at the economics of a country would help you understand the cultural behavior of a people. You should have a thesis as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Discuss certain cultural attitudes, like independence/dependence, marriages, loyalty/faithfulness/ chastity, etc. in each of the following paragraphs, using Yulian and JiaJia as textual supports to explain how different economic expressions [Feudalism or Capitalism] would elicit certain behaviors.

Have a concluding paragraph to sum everything up as your final thoughts.



Finding Mr Right / 北京遇上西雅图


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