International business management

Question: The opening case in the text that profiles the rise of the automobile industry in India mentions that Nissan has invested in a new factory close to Hyundai’s in the southern city of Chennai. If it were to be assumed that Nissan chose the manufacturing location based on the ready availability of an appropriately skilled labor pool and supporting industries, it could be said that Nissan was leveraging

A Cultural factors

B Externalities

C Exchange rates

D FDI regulations

Question: Which of the following is true about the incidence of countertrade?

A During the 1980s, countertrade sharply declined in popularity among developing nations

B Today, some successor states to the former Soviet Union periodically use countertrade

C In the modern era, countertrade arose in the 1980s

D In the modern era, countertrade arose as a way for the United States to purchase imports

Question: Which of the following is not a distinct countertrade arrangement?

A Barter

B Counterpurchase

C Switch trading

D Merger

Question: What limits a country’s ability to use the same marketing message and selling approach worldwide?

A Source effects

B Noise

C Cultural differences

D Globalization

Question: Japanese businessman, Ohno Taiichi, saw numerous problems with Toyota’s mass production philosophy for making cars. Which of the following is one of the problems?

A Short production runs created a scarcity of inventories

B It hampered the achievement of economies of scale

C Inability to accommodate consumer preferences for product diversity

D It resulted in antagonizing workers in the United States


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