Copyright Infringement

Please read materials in chapters 9 / 10 in the textbook, and outside materials as a guide to answer the questions: pls. number the answers

International Business Law Text, Cases, and Readings (6th ed.) Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education ….August R., Mayer D., & Bixby, M. (2013)., ISBN 9780132718974

Chapter 9 – pg. 538 Question #1/#3/#10


Copyright Infringement

#1.  Alvin, Bob, Calvin, Don, and Edgar are friends who enroll in a university course to study international business law. The textbook required for the course costs $50, which the five friends agree is expensive. They agree to chip in $10 each and buy one copy from a bookstore. They then take the copy to the local Discount Copy Store and make five copies of the complete book for $15 a copy. Then they return the book to the bookstore and get a refund of their original purchase price. Have the five friends done anything wrong? If so, what? Explain.

Can a Similar “Look and Feel” Be Copyright Infringement?

#3.  The First-to-Market Computer Software Company owns the copyright to a highly successful spreadsheet program—Blossom 3-2-1—which has dominated the worldwide market for several years. Recently, Clone Software Co. devised a look-alike program that does everything that the Blossom 3-2-1 program does, except that the Clone sells for only one-tenth the price of the original. First-to-Market has sued Clone for copyright infringement. Clone defends itself by saying that the coding of its program is entirely different from that of Blossom 3-2-1 and that the only similarity between the programs is that the images that appear on the computer screen and the key sequences used to operate the program are identical. Has Clone infringed First-to-Market’s copyright? Explain.


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