Marketing Methodology

1)  Word count 700 words

2) References: Chicago format

3)  Search for Journal articles (2010 and above) Should not contain 2010 and below

4) To do Data collection and Research tool (refer to sample 1, same format)

5) To Fill in the individual activity record word document as well(attached form)

6) Refer to “BBS301 TMA 2019 Consultancy Handbook” printed Page 10 – 11 on the guide read carefully what is required for Phase 3

7) Refer to the “Group and Individual Activity Record Instructions” to come out with what is require for Individual activity record

8) Have clear referencing and clear in-text citation(not in number kind)

9) Follow the marking guide in “Methodology marking guide”

10) Sample 2 is for reference only

11) Take note of the language use

12)  Urkund Score cannot exceed 10%


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