Psychology Analysis

For each of the following kinds of Laws, pick at least one of the four grounds for justification: legal moralism, the harm principle, legal paternalism, and the offense principle.  And construct an argument designed to justify the law.  You may not agree either with the law or  with the argument; the exercise is to see if you can connect the law to the (allegedly} justifying principle.  For many laws, more than one kind of justification is possible, so there can be more than one good answer for many of these.

1.  Laws against shoplifting

2.  Laws against adultery

3.  Laws against suicide

4.  Laws against forgery

5.  Laws against spitting on the sidewalk

6.  Laws against driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

7.  Laws against marriage between two of the same sex

8.  Laws that require drivers of cars to have driver’s licenses


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