Education benchmark


Student: Nicole

Age: 13

Grade: 8th


Nicole is an athletic eighth grader who attends a suburban middle school and lives at home with both parents and an older brother who is a senior in high school. She plays on the girls’ basketball team, has several friends, and generally enjoys everything about school. She does particularly well in science and social studies, but always does best when materials are read aloud and hands-on activities are assigned. Nicole struggles mostly in language arts class. She currently reads at a rate of 55 words per minute. Her language arts teacher, Ms. Checkovich, has identified that Nicole has difficultly decoding unfamiliar words and her positive attitude is beginning to dwindle the harder the material gets. Ms. Checkovich has met with Nicole’s father, who has said that he has noticed the decrease in her attitude, too, and he is willing to do whatever possible to support her. Both parents work varying hours as Nicole’s father works as a nurse at a local hospital and her mother works as an assistant manager at a restaurant.


Using 2-3 academic resources complete an Early Reading Plan for Nicole that is 500-750-words and includes the following:

  1. Nicole’s areas of strengths and areas needing intervention.
  2. Three academic goals for Nicole that are detailed and measurable.
  3. For each stated goal, describe a strategy to implement with a rationale that explains how the strategy is designed to help Nicole achieve that goal. Be sure goals and strategies describe collaboration and are appropriate for different learning experiences across different subject matters. Cite two to three research sources that support your decision-making.
  4. For one of the stated goals, identify and describe one hands-on activity that will assist Nicole in achieving that goal.
  5. How Nicole’s progress on each goal will be assessed, including timeframes and tools.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


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