Pros and cons of new technology

Create a word document that contains at least the following:

Start by introducing the project:
* Explain the process you will be reviewing and want to modify.
* Explain the business and industry where this process exists.
* Give an overview of the current process and how it works.

Based on the materials within this course, explain a new technology that should be deployed.
* Be very specific.  Note the exact technology as well as the specific application of that technology (i.e. technology might be Smart Automation – while the specific application might be light dimming technology).
* Identify the pros and cons of the new technology.
* Identify how the new technology would impact the business/industry and the process that was selected to be modified.

What are the various factors the business should consider before deploying the new technology.
* Are their cost considerations.
* What other project are impacted or might impact the deployment.
* What are 5 to 10 things the business should consider before implementing and explain how important it would be to use the new technology (i.e. use some type of scale like ‘Critical’ vs ‘High Priority’ vs … vs ‘Good to have’).

The project must be at least 3 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-font.  This total length does not include the APA approved cover page and the reference page(s).  There must be at least 3 APA approved references, with citations, to support your work.


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