Memory phenomenon

What is proactive interference and how is it an interference theory of forgetting? How does proactive interference differ from negative transfer?

What is associative interface and how does it produce the fan effect? How does the integration of information in memory cause a reduction in associative interference?

What are the major features of Engle’s controlled attention model? Compare and contrast this model of working memory with other models of working memory.

How effective are video games and working memory training tasks at improving memory and cognition?

How is the mere exposure effect a nondeclarative memory phenomenon? How is it a classical conditioning phenomenon?

People learn procedural tasks by learning new motor programs. How do these motor memories resemble or differ from declarative memories? How are they affected by negative transfer?

What are the stages that knowledge goes through to develop skilled procedural memories? How does Chein & Schneider’s triarchic theory map onto different brain networks?

Where does expertise at a skill come from? That is, what does a person need to have or do to become an expert at a skill?


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