Theory of forgetting

What is proactive interference and how is it an interference theory of forgetting? How does proactive interference differ from negative transfer?

What is associative interface and how does it produce the fan effect? How does the integration of information in memory cause a reduction in associative interference?

What is the role of inhibition in memory retrieval? How does this manage interference? How does this cause forgetting?

What is directed forgetting? What are the different ways of bringing this about? What is the cause of directed forgetting in each of these circumstances?

What does it mean for information to be retracted, and how well does memory handle retracted information?

What are ways in which social settings can actually promote forgetting? What are ways in which it promotes remembering? How well do we understand other people’s memories?

To what degree can semantic priming be consciously controlled? When are semantic memories inhibited?

How does the interconnectivity of information influence the ease with which it is remembered?


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