Types of probabilistic theories of categorization?

What are the major types of probabilistic theories of categorization? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

What are explanation-based theories of categorization? How are they influenced by the concept of psychological essentialism?

What is the SNARC effect and what does it reveal about how some information is stored in semantic memory?

What are two simple models of recognition and recall? What evidence is there to suggest that such basic ideas may be in error?

What are some of the major factors about a space that can influence the organization of a mental map?

What are the different ways of experiencing or learning the information that will go into a mental map and how do they influence the final nature of that mental map?

What are some of the ways that information is thought to be stored and retrieved in global matching models?

What is the difference between multiple-trace and distributed representation models of global matching models of memory?


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