Amnesic symptoms

1. What is amnesia? What is the main difference between anterograde and retrograde amnesia?

2. Describe the amnesic symptoms of HM and Clive Wearing. Describe at least two differences in their memory profile following the onset of their amnesia.

A psychological disorder that includes the inability to inhibit unwanted memories because of exposure to extremely dangerous or stressful situations is known as

a. Psychogenic fugue

b. Post-traumatic stress disorder

c. Pre-traumatic stress disorder

d. Al of the above

Neurofibrillary tangles are associated with

a. Alzheimer’s disease

b. Parkinson’s disease

c. Korsakoff’s disease

d. Schwartz’s disease

Errorless learning is

a. Impossible

b. A technique that trains a patient to learn a particular fact or skill while preventing that person from making errors during training

c. A technique that trains a patient to learn skills while they sleep, so that it does not matter if they are amnesic

d. A technique that trains a patient to learn skills by allowing them to use anterograde learning instead of retrograde learning


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