Memory Management

What are the memory units of HDD ? in ascending order.

What is the speed of virtual memory?Which is fastest memory cache memory or register?

A computer system has a 128 byte cache. It uses four-way set-associative mapping with 8 bytesin each block. The physical address size is 32 bits, and the smallest addressable unit is 1 byte.

Consider a multiprogramming or time sharing multi user system. Which issues related to the protection of processes need to be dealt with in this system

Describe some advantages and diadvantages of using SSDs as a caching tier and as a disk pdf- drive replacememt compared with using only magnetic disk

Theoretically design a 3-bit synchronous counter with the sequence below by using JK flip flops. 1? 5 ? 3 ? 7 ? 4? 0? 2 ? 6 ? … ? Show all steps in your design (state diagram, excitation table, K-map, circuit drawing) by completing the worksheet given.


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