Knowledge representation

Develop production rule, frame, and semantic network-based representations of the decisions made as to what to wear on a given day; e.g., on a workday or holiday, wear a suit, if it is a weekend, wear casual clothes, if it is rainy, if it is sunny and hot, etc.

Write a research paper describing the achievements of one of the following people: Ross Quillian, Marvin Minsky, John Sowa, Roger Schank, Robert Abelson, or Rodney Brooks.

Discuss some of the pros and cons of frames, semantic networks, and scripts. Develop a frame representation for the college depicted in a semantic network. Develop a semantic network for a car accident frames . Describe some arguments by Hubert Dreyfus against the value of scripts as knowledge representation.

Describe some of the elements of a good knowledge representation. Trace the history of knowledge representation in AI as discussed in the chapter.

Develop a script for a common scenario that frequently occurs, e.g., “The Getting Dressed Script”; “The Go to Work Script”; “The Go Shopping for Food Script.”


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