Expert systems

What is the Rete Algorithm?

Do you believe expert systems can outperform human experts? If not, explain why not. If so, give some examples and describe what these can do that a human expert cannot do.

Why is a procedure such as the Rete Algorithm important to expert systems development?

Did you use/need a domain specialist for your problem domain? If not, consider how a domain specialist might help you. If so, consider the knowledge engineering process that took place between you and the domain specialist.

What is a Demon Rule? Develop prototype demon rules for your expert system

Consider a domain you might want to build an expert system for.

What characteristics should the domain possess in order to be a good candidate? Try to build an expert system using CLIPS in your domain of interest. Evaluate your system.

How good is its performance? How could it be improved? Can it be used as a practical tool?


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