Design a GA-based strategy

Until Darwin’s theory of evolution, people believed that living systems were designed by God (or a God-like figure). William Paley was a theologian who proposed in the 1802 book Natural Theology his watchmaker argument: A watch is a complex artifact. If you were to find a watch on the side of the road and carefully examined its internal workings, it is likely you would conclude that some human watchmakers designed it. Similarly, he argued that living systems are also complicated. It is natural to conclude that God must be responsible for their design:

Are you convinced by Paley’s argument? You might wish to first consult the book by Richard Dawkins The Blind Watchmaker before answering. Dawkins argues that evolution via natural selection can be viewed as a blind watchmaker.

How would you design a GA-based strategy for the iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma? Design a GP to determine the chromatic number of a graph. You will need to use functions that a. Assign a color to a node. b. Change the color of a node when necessary. c. Keep count of the number of colors used.


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