Write C++ statements

Write C++ statements to do the following:

a. Make A point to the node containing info 23.

b. Make list point to the node containing 16.

c. Make B point to the last node in the list.

d. Make list point to an empty list.

e. Set the value of the node containing 25 to 35.

f. Create and insert the node with info 10 after the node pointed to by A.

g. Delete the node with info 23. Also, deallocate the memory

If the following C++ code is valid, show the output. If it is invalid, explain


a. s = A;

p = B;

s->info = B;

p = p->link;

cout << s->info << ” ” << p->info << endl;

b. p = A;

p = p->link;

s = p;

p->link = NULL;

s = s->link;

cout << p->info << ” ” << s->info << endl;


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