Data Transmission

Satellite Communication. Please respond to the following:Justify the circumstances in a business situation in which you would use GEOS, LEOS, and MEOS.Discuss the business applications currently being used to support VSAT.

2Data Transmission. Please respond to the following:Compare the four items related to channel capacity: data rate, bandwidth, noise, and error rate.

Determine the most important and justify its significance over the remaining items.Describe real-world examples of attenuation and white noise. Examine the effect on the information-carrying capacity of the link and present a way to avoid these types of interruptions.

Describe a recursive algorithm for finding the maximum element in an array, A, of n elements. What is your running time and space usage?

Suppose Alice has picked three distinct integers and placed them into a stack S in random order. Write a short, straightline piece of pseudocode (with no loops or recursion) that uses only one comparison and only one variable x, yet that results in variable x storing the largest of Alice’s three integers with probability 2/3. Argue why your method is correct


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