Networking and data communication technologies

1. Discuss the need of electronic data communication and networking to achieve business goals.

2. Explain and apply various networking and data communication technologies in the context of a specific business need.

3. Evaluate and assess hardware and software requirements of a data communication and networking infrastructure.

4. Define, prioritise and evaluate the requirement of the business to provide data communication and networking requirements.

5. Understand, evaluate and describe importance of network and data communication for a business operation and assess and suggest troubleshooting suggestions for a data communication and networking problem.

A simple airline ticket reservation program should display a menu with the following options: reserve a ticket, cancel a reservation, check whether a ticket is reserved for a particular person, and display the passengers. The information is maintained on an alphabetized linked list of names. In a simpler version of the program, assume that tickets are reserved for only one flight. In a fuller version, place no limit on the number of the flights.

Create a linked list of flights with each node including a pointer to a linked list of passengers.


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