ISO-OSI model and TCP/IP

1. Explain the purpose of the ISO-OSI model and TCP/IP and the significance to real-world networks such as LANS and the Internet

2. Explain in detail the architecture of LANS, the IEEE 802 standards for station addresses and frame format, and the operation of LAN switches, and outline shortcomings in LANS such as security and broadcasts

3. Describe in detail the architecture of the Internet, the operation of routing tables, routers and the operation of dynamic routing protocols and explain the purpose of layer 3 protocols and IP in particular, and the main fields in the IP packet header

5. Describe in detail the features and protocol formats for presentation and Application layers and outline the basic architecture of the World Wide Web and Internet email systems

Demonstrate by example (write down a few dozen arbitrary bit patterns; assume one start bit and a stop element of length 1 bit) that a receiver that suffers a framing error on asynchronous transmission will eventually become realigned.


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