Threat Landscape Analysis

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Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have been thrust into the spotlight due to their advanced tactics, techniques, procedures, and tools. These APTs are resourced unlike other types of cyber threat actors.

Your chief technology officer (CTO) has asked you to develop a detailed analysis and presentation of below specific APT.

Part 1: Threat Landscape Analysis

    • Provide a detailed analysis of the threat landscape.
    • What has changed over the past year?
    • Describe common tactics, techniques, and procedures to include threat actor types.
    • What are the exploit vectors and vulnerabilities threat actors are predicted to take advantage of?

Part 2: APT Analysis

    • Provide a detailed analysis and description of the APT your group was assigned. Describe the specific tactics used to gain access to the target(s).
    • Describe the tools used. Describe what the objective of the APT was/is. Was it successful?

Part 3: Cybersecurity Tools, Tactics, and Procedures

    • Describe current hardware- and software-based cybersecurity tools, tactics, and procedures.
    • Consider the hardware and software solutions deployed today in the context of defense-in-depth.
    • Elaborate on why these devices are not successful against the APTs.

Part 4: Machine Learning and Data Analytics

    • Describe the concepts of machine learning and data analytics and how applying them to cybersecurity will evolve the field.
    • Are there companies providing innovative defensive cybersecurity measures based on these technologies? If so, what are they? Would you recommend any of these to the CTO?

Part 5: Using Machine Learning and Data Analytics to Prevent APT

Describe how machine learning and data analytics could have detected and/or prevented the APT you analyzed had the victim organization deployed these technologies at the time of the event. Be specific.


  • Use additional sources of information but also describe the concept in layman’s terms.
  • Use visuals where appropriate.
  • While quality is valued over quantity, it is expected that a quality paper will result in a minimum length of 10–15 pages.
How Will My Work Be Evaluated?

The following evaluation criteria aligned to the competencies will be used to grade your assignment:

·         1.1.3: Present ideas in a clear, logical order appropriate to the task.

·         2.1.3: Explain the significance of the issue or problem.

·         4.1.1: Establish a collaborative approach for working together as a team.

·         4.2.4: Prepare a finished teamwork product.

·         10.1.1: Identify the problem to be solved.

·         12.6.1: Identify the controls needed for confidentiality.

·         12.6.2: Identify the controls needed for integrity.

·         12.6.3: Identify the controls needed for availability.

·         12.7.2: Explain the process of analyzing IT incidents.

·         14.1.1: Explain how ethical principles used in the information technology industry apply to the welfare and safety of stakeholders and society.



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