Today’s Turbulent Global Economy and Market

To receive full credit there must be one primary posting of 200 words (3pts) to the discussion questions and at a minimum two secondary posts (1 pt. each) to another student’s post. Try to post your primary posts before Thursday of each week. This will help in creating a higher level of discussion as the week progresses. Final postings each week must be made before Monday at midnight. Please use proper grammar/spelling, and complete sentences. Try to use “critical thinking” and apply material from the text and your work experience if applicable. If you use online sources – please cite the source in your posting. (CH 15)

For this week’s Discussion; Watch all FOUR VIDEO’S and read as many of the research papers that you need to, to post your Discussion post.  You will need to find a Company that is Global and doing business in the very Current Market, based on the events discussed in the Four Video’s, the company that you find is doing a great job and is profitable in today’s Turbulent Global Economy and Market.  This post will take research on your part, so for all the very dedicated students that post early in the week, you don’t have to, to give you time to do your research. All are free to post by Thursday, and you will still be great and dedicated students.



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