Cross-cultural research

1.       If you could design a cross-cultural study on anything about human behavior, what would it be? What hypotheses would you have?

2.       In a study, how would you isolate the specific aspect of culture that produces differences in a cross-cultural study?

3.       For those who speak more than one language— have you ever considered whether the words spoken in both languages actually mean exactly the same thing or not? If not, what implications do you think such differences have for cross-cultural research in different languages?

a.       What are some life values that are important to you (e.g., treat others with respect, work hard to succeed in life)?

How did you come to hold those values? Who did you learn them from?

b.      For those of you who grew up in a different country than your parents/caregivers, in what ways do you differ from them in terms of life values, behaviors, and/or worldviews? In what ways are you similar to them?

How has their cultural upbringing influenced the way they have parented you?



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