Information in a data warehouse

1. What is meant by establishing the context of information? Briefly explain with an example of how metadata establishes the context of information in a data warehouse.

2. List any ten examples of business metadata.

1. List four major requirements that metadata must satisfy. Describe each of these four requirements.

2. List four metadata types used in each of the three areas of data acquisition, data storage, and information delivery.

Indicate if true or false:

A. The importance of metadata is the same in a data warehouse as it is in an operational system.

B. Metadata is needed by IT for data warehouse administration.

C. Technical metadata is usually less structured than business metadata.

D. Maintaining metadata in a modern data warehouse is just for documentation.

E. Metadata provides information on predefined queries.

F. Business metadata comes from sources more varied than those for technical metadata.

G. Technical metadata is shared between business users and IT staff.

H. A metadata repository is like a general purpose directory tool.

I. Metadata standards facilitate metadata interchange among tools.

J. Business metadata is only for business users; business metadata cannot be understood or used by IT staff.


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