OLAP architectural options

1. What are multidimensional databases? How do these store data?

2. Describe any one of the four OLAP architectural options.

3. Discuss two reasons why feeding data into the OLAP system directly from the source operational systems is not recommended.

Indicate if true or false:

A. OLAP facilitates interactive queries and complex uses.

B. A hypercube can be represented by the physical cube.

C. Slice-and-dice is the same as the rotation of the columns and rows in presentation of data.

D. DOLAP stands for departmental OLAP.

E. ROLAP systems store data in multidimensional, proprietary databases.

F. The essential difference between ROLAP and MOLAP is in the way data is stored.

G. OLAP systems need transformed and integrated data.

H. Data in an OLAP system is rarely summarized.

I. Multidimensional domain structure (MDS) can represent only up to six dimensions.

J. OLAP systems do not handle moving averages.


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