Web-enabled data warehouse

1. Name any two approaches for an OLAP system to function in a Web-enabled data warehouse.

2. What is a data warehouse bus architecture? How does it fit in a Web-enabled data warehouse?

3. Web-based information in a data warehouse results in “supergrowth.” Discuss this phenomenal growth and describe how you will provide for supergrowth.

Indicate if true or false:

A. The extranet excludes outside business partners from accessing the company’s data warehouse.

B. Web technology in a data warehouse opens up multiple information formats to users.

C. Better information delivery to users is the only reason for Web-enabling your data warehouse.

D. Supergrowth is a rare phenomenon in a Web-enabled data warehouse environment.

E. The Web promotes “self-service” access.

F. The data Webhouse necessitates a distributed architecture.

G. Web technology makes it easier to add more users to the data warehouse.

H. The Web and its features are not compatible with the data warehouse.

I. For its information interface, the Web-enabled data warehouse is unable to use both “push” and “pull” techniques.

J. In a Web-enabled data warehouse, the standard HTML or XML file is the principal means for communication.


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