Revise a City Ordinance

Revise a City Ordinance

You are a judge hearing a case involving a city ordinance that forbids more than five women from living together in the same house. The ordinance is obviously outdated; it was passed during the time that your state was a territory and large numbers of women were imported for purposes of prostitution. The ordinance was thus meant to attack brothels, not law-abiding citizens sharing living quarters. The defendants in this case are six women who have been heavily involved in citywide police reform and have made some political enemies. The prosecutor is zealously trying to get them convicted, and has told you that he would like to see all of them in jail. You, however, feel that the ordinance needs to be struck from the books.

a. How will you decide in this case? Why?

b. Should you ever let political factors influence your decision? Why or why not?


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