Police Investigation

Decisive Factors

In the preceding exercise, assume the perpetrator is apprehended. Further, assume that the victim and the perpetrator were married and living together before the victim had a restraining order issued against the perpetrator. The perpetrator, while in custody, tells an officer that if he couldn’t have the victim, then no one else would.

Under these facts, would your conclusion change from the previous example? If so, explain why, and state what charges you would choose to bring against this perpetrator.

Police Investigation

You are a police officer called to investigate a reported gunshot. When you arrive at the scene, inside a residence you find a dead body with a gunshot wound to the head. It appears that the victim was shot while shewas sleeping. In addition, several valuable items are missing from the residence, such as a DVD player, stereo system, and television.

Write a report indicating what charges could be brought against the perpetrator. If you conclude that the perpetrator could be charged with first-degree murder, explain the primary basis on which such a charge could be brought.


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