Sex Crimes and False Imprisonment

A man and woman are set up on a blind dinner date and arrive at the restaurant in their own cars. During dinner, the woman is totally turned off by the man’s sick sense of humor and bad eating habits, but the man finds the woman extremely entertaining and attractive. When they finish dinner, the woman intends to leave, but the man insists that she go for a ride in his car to the beach, which is just a mile away. The woman really doesn’t want to go and tells the man this, but he repeatedly asks her and she finally gives in, only because she really loves the beach and hasn’t been in a long time. They get into his car, begin a conversation, and arrive at the beach parking lot. The woman begins to unbuckle her seat belt, but the man grabs her hands, holds her down, and eventually forces the woman to have sexual intercourse against her will. Can the man be charged with kidnapping? False imprisonment? Rape?


You are a parole officer. One of your clients has been arrested for waving around a large cattle bone, which he said that he found in the trash of a nearby meat packing plant. He was arrested when he waved the bone around in acrowded public place and the bone brushed against someone’s head. At the time of his arrest, he was heavily intoxicated. Answer the following questions:

a. Should your client’s parole be revoked? Why or why not?

b. Was the client’s arrest justified? Why or why not? With what crimes could he be charged?


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