Burglary Statutes

Arson Investigation

You are investigating a fire at a hardware store that has been in your community for nearly 40 years. It is located in a neighborhood that, because of a growing industrial presence, receives little business. When you arrive at the scene, you see in front of the building the owner, his wife, some neighbors, and a small group. Among those in the group is a young man who is talking excitedly about the fire and is apparently oblivious to the owner’s obvious grief. Answer the following questions:

a. Whom do you question first, and whom do you question afterward? Why?

b. Who appears to be a suspect? Why?

c. What else can you do to investigate this fire properly

Burglary Statutes

Look up the burglary statute in your jurisdiction. Under the statute, which of the following are dwellings?

a. A motorcycle.

b. A do g h ouse.

c. An empty house that is for sale.

d. A tool shed next to a house.

e. A corn crib

Explain why each one is or is not a dwelling. What additional information would you need in order to determine if they are dwellings?


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