Blue Wall of Silence

Blue Wall of Silence

Assume that you are a newly assigned police officer and you respond to a burglary call with your training officer. No one is at the house when you get there, and the back door is wide open. The house is totally ransacked, and it is immediately apparent that the television, DVD player, and stereo are missing. In addition, a jewelry case in one of the bedrooms is almost empty. You glance at the jewelry case and see that the burglars left behind a woman’s gold watch and some rings. After you clear the house for suspects, you go back to take pictures of all of the rooms for your report. As you take a picture of the jewelry case, you notice that the watch is missing. Answer the following questions:

a. What do you do first?

b. Whom do you speak to about this?

c. What possible repercussions concern you?


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