Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure

You are a local prosecutor, and you receive a report filed by a homeowner complaining that her next-door neighbors are sunbathing nude and violating public decency laws. Because the homeowner has small children, she wants her neighbors to stop doing this. To date, however, they have refused. Local police have spoken to the sunbathers, who responded that they are allowed to sunbathe naked on their own property in their backyard. They argue that it would be different if they were out on the street or in the front of the house. The only divider between the two homes is a four-foot picket fence. Answer the following questions:

a. Are the sunbathers guilty of indecent exposure? Why or why not?

b. Are there any other crimes for which they could be found guilty?

c. What are the various solutions available for this problem?


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