Design a new strategy

Imagine you are a director for a company called IRSC BAS Inc. and need to create a short memo. IRSC BAS Inc. has grown much too fast for the people to keep up with change and growth. Below is a list of issues that need to be addressed. As you are a director in this company, you are expected to resolve this communication issue that the company is facing. Remember to include enough specifics to get the company back on track by taking a leadership position and squelching grapevine rumors, but be concise enough to keep this down to a short memo. Use proper memo format.We have a disconnected staff that appear to have issues making sure the business is profitable. Our Human Resource Policies are non-existent. Our Product Portfolio needs to be reworked to provide revenue streams to maintain our standing as a top Florida company Customer satisfaction is fading and this will not be tolerated. Our contracts are not legally sound it is costing us money. We need a new direction and a new image. Then after you have created the memo, now you have to establish a policy to prevent this from happening again. Design a new strategy or policy to bring your staff together. You must create a document that will detail how this new policy will resolve the issues at hand. This policy should be about 1 page long and use APA style format with in text citations and list references.


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