Cash flow per share

Armitage Company’s statement of cash flows reveals an increase in cash of $21,100. Its financing net cash inflows were $50,000 while its investing net cash outflows were $75,000. Armitage’s preferred stock dividend is $10,000. Its weighted average common shares outstanding were 75,000.

What is Armitage’s cash flow per share?

Ortman Enterprises generated $657,830 of cash flows from operating activities, used $55,670 of cash flows in its investing activities, and received $32,540 of cash flows from financing activities during fiscal 2010. Its weighted average common shares outstanding were 325,500 and it has no preferred stock.

What is Ortman’s cash flow per share?

Milligan had a beginning balance in Retained Earnings of $64,970. During the year, it generated a net income of $53,600. At the end of the year, the Retained Earnings account had a balance of $95,100. In addition, Milligan’s Dividends Payable account increased by $2,000 during the year.

What is the total amount shown on the statement of cash flows as “cash paid for dividends”? In what section is this disclosed?


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