The effect of cognitive biases

1.       What stage of the organizational life cycle is your organization in now?

What internal and external problems is it currently encountering?

How are managers trying to solve these problems?

2.       Can you pinpoint any cognitive biases that may have affected the way managers made decisions or influenced their choice of strategy or structure?

What was the effect of these cognitive biases?

1.       Given the pattern of changes your organization has made to its strategy and structure over time, which of the decision-making models best characterizes the way it makes decisions?

2.       What do you think are the likely sources of conflict that may arise in your organization?

Is there a history of conflict between managers or between stakeholders?

1.       Has your organization ever shown any symptoms of decline?

How quickly were managers in the organization able to respond to the problem of decline?

What changes did they make? Did they turn the organization around?


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