Regulatory Organization

1.       What is the relationship among creativity, intrapreneurship, and innovation?

2.       What is project management? How should managers decide which projects to pursue?

3.       What steps would you take to create (a) a structure and (b) a culture congenial to innovation in a high-tech organization?

1.       What are information synergies and in what ways can they enhance innovation?

2.       Why and under what conditions can conflict be good or bad for an organization? Would you expect a higher level of conflict in a mechanistic or an organic structure? Why?

1.       You have been appointed to manage a large R&D laboratory. You find a high level of conflict between scientists in the unit. Why might this conflict be arising? How will you try to resolve it?

2.       Why is it important to maintain a balance of power between different groups of organizational stakeholders?


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