Compute the issue price of the bond

1. Use the spot rates to calculate the present value of each cash flow paid to the bondholders.

2. Compute the issue price of the bond and its initial yield to maturity.

3. Repeat steps 4 to 6 based on the assumption that Ford is able to raise its bond rating by one level. Compute the new yield based on the higher rating and the new bond price that would result.

4. Compute the additional cash proceeds that could be raised from the issue if the rating were improved

Find the current bond rating for Ford Motor Co. Go to Standard & Poor’s website (Select your country. Look for the “Find a Rating” box under “Ratings” and enter “Ford Motor Co.” and select “Ford Motor Co.” from the list it returns. At this point you will have to register (free of charge) or enter the username and password provided by your instructor. Use the issuer credit rating for “local long term.”


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