Connection between health conditions and income

How will the following events affect the demand for money? In each case, specify whether there is a shift of the demand curve or a movement along the demand curve and its direction.1.1)

Christmas arrives and, with it, the beginning of the holiday shopping season.?

1) McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants begin to accept credit cards.

1) The Fed engages in an open-market purchase of U.S. Treasury bills.

Briefly explain why you can see the existence of a connection between health conditions and income, that is, production. What are the reasons for an increase in income and production of a country following improvements in the health of its population?

“Rich democracies tend to protect farmers at the cost of consumers whereas authoritarian regimes tend to subsidize urban residents.” Evaluate this statement. Provide a few hypotheses about why this might or might not be the case.


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