Prepare a monthly cash budget

General and administrative salaries are approximately $27,000 a month. Lease payments under long- term leases are $9,000 a month. Depreciation charges are $36,000 a month. Miscellaneous expenses are $2,700 a month. Income tax payments of $63,000 are due in September and December. A progress payment of $180,000 on a new design studio must be paid in October. Cash on hand on July 1 will be $132,000, and a minimum cash balance of $90,000 should be maintained throughout the cash budget period.

a) Prepare a monthly cash budget for the last 6 months of 2014.

b) Prepare monthly estimates of the required financing or excess funds—that is, the amount of money Bowers will need to borrow or will have available to invest.

c) Now suppose receipts from sales come in uniformly during the month (that is, cash receipts come in at the rate of 1 30 each day), but all outflows must be paid on the 5th. Will this affect the cash budget? That is, will the cash budget you prepared be valid under these assumptions? If not, what could be done to make a valid estimate of the peak financing requirements? No calculations are required, although if you prefer, you can use calculations to illustrate the effects.


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