Nurse caring

The nurse is caring for a client diagnosed with catatonic stupor. The client is lying on the bed, with the body pulled into a fetal position. Which is the appropriate nursing intervention?

1. Ask direct questions to encourage talking. 2. Leave the client alone and intermittently check on them. 3. Sit beside the client in silence and verbalize occasional open-ended questions. 4. Take the client into the dayroom with other clients so they can help watch him.

A client is unwilling to get out of the house for fear of “doing something crazy in public.” Because of this fear, the client remains homebound except when accompanied outside by the spouse. The spouse asks the nurse, “what is the name of my wife’s disorder?” Which answer should the nurse give to the spouse?

1. Agoraphobia

2. Hematophobia

3. Claustrophobia

4. Hypochondriasis


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