The Innovator’s Dilemma

The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail by Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business School Press 1997) explains the common organizational impediments to innovation. These include a lack of resources or failure to allocate resources strategically, inability to act quickly due to bureaucracy, risk aversion, and an inability to recognize opportunities to innovate. The failure to recognize opportunities could be caused by the organization’s structure, culture, complacency, and confidence. Firefighters have used the same equipment for decades. HyConn is a product innovation in the physical system used to attach fire hoses to fire hydrants. It was created by a firefighter in Arkansas who saw a chance to save more lives by reducing the time it takes to get water to a fire. Despite HyConn’s Indisputable superiority over existing systems, city and county fire departments have largely failed to adopt it. What reasons might have contributed to this fallure to adopt an Innovation? Check all that apply. Failure to recognize opportunity of D A concentration of intrapreneurs lack of flexibility in allocating resources Discomfort with learning a new technology

Which of the following statements describe on organization’s use of organization structure and design to promote Innovation Check all that apply.

El DreamWorks Animation offers employees fully paid sabbaticals. Google has a “20% time policy.

A nifth of an employee’s time at work can be spent working on ideas and projects of personat interest GradyWhite Boats offers a financial bonus company wide when revenue gools are met

All of Google’s work facilities incorporate snack and beverage stations within 150 feet or employee work spaces


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