Imagine your brand communicating like this

Do some silo smashing. Visit a customer service department and ask what the number one complaint is and how they deal with it. Visit operations and ask questions and listen. If the brand manufactures products, go on a factory tour. Talk to the managers and the employees on the front lines. Ask questions about their goals, accomplishments, and challenges. Don’t forget to visit human resources and get their perspective.

Do they have an employee social media policy in place? Students can perform this exercise by contacting the company they are working on, finding secondary research, or simply thinking from each perspective

Get out of advertising-campaign thinking. Look at the social media stream of a brand that is currently excelling in social media.

What do you notice about their messages? Are they contrived, fine-tuned, and overly clever? Or are they natural, in the moment, and more personal or human? Can you imagine your brand communicating like this?

Devise a strategy that plans messages on a social media calendar but also allows for live, unscripted interactions. What guidelines are needed to allow social media that happens in the moment?


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