Perform a situation analysis

In this part of the social media plan, first identify quantified and time-bound business objectives and specifically define the target audience for listening and communication. Then gather a snapshot of the organization’s industry, recent performance of the brand, existing marketing campaign, and all current social media talk and traditional marketing promotion for the product or service and its competitors. This part of the plan is about identifying where the business or organization wants to go and where it is currently. Cover these four areas in this report, following the process and tools outlined in this chapter:

1. Identify overall business objectives that follow SMART guidelines.

2. Perform a situation analysis and develop a SWOT table.

3. Explain the current marketing campaign and identify key themes, images, and taglines.

4. Define a target audience with multiple bases of segmentation.

5. Perform a social media audit, report results in an audit table, and describe insights gained.


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