E-commerce sites

Based on Alexa traffic ranking, these are the top six global e-commerce sites. Choose two of them and discuss each of the characteristics of successful e-commerce sites listed in Figure 8.3. Compare and contrast the two sites and use screenshots to illustrate your evaluations.

a. Amazon (amazon.com)

b. Taobao (taobao.com)

c. EBay (ebay.com)

d. TMall (tmall.com)

e. Alibaba (alibaba.com)

f. FlipKart (flipkart.com)

Go to one of your favorite e-commerce sites. If you do not have a favorite, do a search and pick one that looks good to you. Provide the URL of the e-commerce site; then discuss each of the characteristics of a successful e-commerce site listed in Figure as it relates to the site you picked. Use screenshots to illustrate your points.


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