Identify the subgroup, such as generic, hyperbole, or resonance

Testimonials are used in advertising and promotion as means of enhancing company credibility. However, endorsers and famous individuals do not always have high levels of credibility. Consumers are aware of the fact that the endorsers or famous personalities are being paid for their comments. Review consumer or B2B advertisements and list the frequency and types of endorsements being used. Are they effective?

Are you convinced by the use of the endorser? Explain your reactions to them.

Describe the unique characteristics cognitive, affective, and conative message strategies presented in this chapter. Go to YouTube and find one example of each type of message strategy.

Identify the subgroup, such as generic, hyperbole, or resonance. Provide a rationale for your choice. For each of the three ads you chose, identify the appeal and execution used. Explain your reasoning. Provide the URLs for the three ads.


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