Conduct a brief content analysis

For this exercise, think about worst-case scenarios. In social media, brand attacks can spring up instantly for reasons you can’t always predict. What should an organization do? Make a list of some of the bad situations in which the organization could find itself. Think of horrible customer service experiences, product failures and recalls, environmental disasters, scandals, and accidents.

How should a company react when social media is lighting up with activity? How should these social media crisis strategies integrate with overall crisis communication plans?

1.       The Saucony “Find Your Strong” campaign relies heavily on user-generated content. Find another example of a brand that uses fan content as a main component of its social media efforts and explain how they motivate or reward participation.

2.       Conduct a brief content analysis of NASCAR’s social media presence. What strategy are they following and what kind of content are they producing? Why do you think it has worked so well?


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