What is truthful and what is deceptive?

1. Should grossly misleading advertisements be stopped before they are ever broadcast or printed? What are the checks and balances in place in your own country to perform this task? Is it a fool-proof system?

2. One of the industries closely watched by the FTC is the weight-loss industry. Find three advertisements from magazines, newspapers, or television that deal with weight loss.

What claims were made? Do you believe the claims are truthful and legitimate?

How do you, as a consumer, distinguish between what is truthful and what is deceptive?

One of the criticisms of advertising is that it causes people to buy more than they can afford. Each year, a large number of people in United States declare bankruptcy, often because they have overspent.

Do you agree that advertising causes people to buy more than they can afford, or is advertising just responding to the materialistic desire of individuals? Defend your response.


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