Brand marketing

Is an organization adding to the clutter? In the earliest stages of a social media plan, the goal is to start getting a sense of a brand’s image in the marketplace. Take an inventory of all marketing and advertising activities and messages. Then determine how “pushy” the brand’s marketing communication has become. Is the brand heavily reliant on push marketing through traditional media? In social media, is the brand intrusive with one-way sales-focused posts, or are posts helpful and responsive? Make a list or spreadsheet of all consumer touch points in traditional, digital, and social media. Analyze the type of messages the company is promoting in each, and report the answers to the following questions:

1. Is the communication company-focused or consumer-focused?

2. Is the information useful, newsworthy, entertaining, or valuable?

3. Do consumers perceive the message as an unwanted interruption or a welcome message?

4. Take an inventory of all brand marketing and advertising activities and rate the “pushiness” of brand communication. Is the brand over-reliant on traditional media? Are they using social media as more of a one-way communication channel? On a scale of 1 to 10, how much is the brand contributing to media clutter?


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