Social media press release

Take a day and log your activity on your devices (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet). How many times a day do you check your devices, by device? Categorize each interaction by purpose, such as reading email, texting, reading news, checking social media, and posting or commenting on social media. Note the time of day and time in minutes. Then add up the total for the day in each category. What percentage of your time is spent on your devices and what percentage of your time is spent on social media? How does this compare to your traditional media usage? Do the results surprise you? What do they say for marketers? What do they say to you personally?

1.       What is the current perspective on the social media press release? Has it been updated?

2.        How has the definition of Marketing 2.0, Advertising 2.0, and Public Relations 2.0 changed?

3.        Has the concept of the Four Ps in marketing evolved? Has there been greater adoption of the Four Cs concept?


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